Echo Layla24/Mona/Gina24/Mia/MiaMIDI Driver v6.04 Mac OS 8.7/9.x download

Supported OS:
Mac OS X
Driver manufacturers:
Driver type:
v6.04 April 29, 2021
Echo Layla24/Mona/Gina24/Mia/MiaMIDI Driver v6.04 Mac OS 8.7/9.x. Changes- Multiprocess Macs are now supported- Adds support for the latest hardware revision of Mia- Fixes some rare problems with PCI hardware detectionKnown Issues:-This driver works with MiaMIDI, but does not support MIDI I/O. However, the OS X driver does support MIDI functionality for MiaMIDI.- If you use OMS with Layla24, you may need to increase the amount of memory available to the OMS setup application.-Certain Gina24 cards are not compatible with some G4 Power Macs  This seems to be related to the  particular lot number of the 56301 DSP chip on the card.  If you experience lockups while using your Gina24, you may have one of these incompatible chips. Please refer to for more information.
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