ECS KV2 Extreme (PCB:1.0) BIOS 1.2E download

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1.2E April 29, 2021
ECS KV2 Extreme (PCB:1.0) BIOS 1.2E.Support new AMD 939 Dual core CPU ADA3800DAA5CD.Fixed, system shows error message when update BIOS.Support AMD 939 Rev:E6 CPU.Support new AMD 939 E4 revision CPU.Support AMD E3 CPU.Fix the CPU temperature.To improve the compatibility of ATI VGA card.Remove SIS SATA control item.Support K8 939 Rev.D0 CPU and FX-55 CPU.To revise some CPU temperature are not accurate.Support performance mode.Support K8 CPU micro code.Support new K8 Sempron CPU.Support performance mode.
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