Epox EP-9HDAI PRO BIOS 05.07.26 download

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05.07.26 April 29, 2021
Epox EP-9HDAI PRO BIOS 05.07.26.Update PID 30430 Version 4.12, Athlon64 E6 1.8G/2.0G/2.2G (ID=20FF2h)67W 1.35v/1.40v First Release. Sempron E6 1.8G/2.0G 59W, CPUID=20FF2, Update PID 30430 Version 4.18, Athlon64 E6 2.4G(ID=20FF2h)85W 1.35v/1.40v, Update PID 30430 Version 4.22.Added above 4GB memory system support.DUAL CORE CPU support.Added Thunder Probe support.(EPTP)Memory type show support DDR500.
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