Archos Gmini SP Firmware 1.3.0 download

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1.3.0 April 29, 2021
Archos Gmini SP Firmware 1.3.0. Improvement: Added Spanish language.Bug fixed: All accented characters are now properly displayed on the FM remote control LCD.Bug fixed: Only audio files are added to a playlist when adding a complete folder.Bug fixed: Prevented the copying of a folder into one of its subfolders.Bug fixed: Prevented the attempted playing of unsupported MP2 files (Mpeg1 layer2 audio files).Bug fixed: Fixed switching to shuffle+all playmode during playback.Bug fixed: If you are browsing while a music track is playing in the background, the browser will now not jump to  the top of the directory when the following song begins to play.Bug fixed: Fixed wrong cursor position after the copying of a folder.Bug fixed: Allowed to rename a file if changing only the case of the letters.Bug fixed: Fixed general browser displayed instead of the music browser when playing a resumed song.Bug fixed: Fixed menu title not updated when changing the current language.Bug fixed: Fixed progressbar and time not displayed after closing the audio popup menu when playback is paused.
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