iRiver T20 MP3 Player Firmware 1.53 EU MTP Version download

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1.53 April 29, 2021
iRiver T20 MP3 Player Firmware 1.53 EU MTP Version. Fixed Bugs:Fixed the issue of power on again with one click after leaving it with power off for a long time.Fixed the issue of sound cuttings on VBR file playback.Fixed the issue of incorrect playback time information.Fixed the issue of occasional playback stop.Fixed the issue of adjusting EQ resets playback speed.Fixed the issue of "file system error" under below cases when transferring a file which is more than 400MB (added from V1.53). - Transferring a 400 MB file from PC to T10 after transferring the file to the device. - Canceling a 400 MB file transfer. - Interrupting file transfer by plugging out USB cable during file transfer.
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