LifeView FlyCAM SD Driver v.1.01 Windows English download

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v.1.01 April 29, 2021
LifeView FlyCAM SD Driver v.1.01 Windows English. FlyCAM SD 1.3M with Flash Light driver. Quick Installation Instructions:Establish the connection between your PDA and desktop PC via Active sync.Please unzip the downloaded file on your desktop PC.Run FlyCAM-SD Driver(Rev. 1.0).exe directly. Follow the prompt instruction to complete the installation into your PDA.The latest FlyCAM-SD driver contains FlyCAM-SD QuickTest. The program is designed on purpose to quickly verify whether your camera is working properly or not . After you complete the installation , you could find there is a QuickTestprogram in the Programs on your PDA.
LifeView FlyCAM SD drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Original software will help you to fix device errors.