Pentax PHOTO Browser 3/PHOTO Laboratory 3 Update v3.0 Mac OS download

Supported OS:
Mac OS X
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v3.0 April 29, 2021
Pentax PHOTO Browser 3/PHOTO Laboratory 3 Update v3.0 Mac OS.PENTAX wishes to announce the release of the Updater for update the PENTAX PHOTO Browser and PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory for version 3. This Updater will support the *istD series users to be able to use the current software that attached with K100D camera, and even improved some function of current software.For correct update, you are required to be installed previous version of PENTAX PHOTO Browser2, PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory2 before hand on your PC. Please download the Updater file on your PC first, and update it.PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3 :Improved the browser function, Protect ON/OFF setting by one click.Improved the Slideshow function.Addition of Check images pane, All images with check marks in the Thumbnail pane are displayed.Addition of [Easy Image Transfer] function, Automatically searches for DCF images in the camera or removable disk drive, connected to the computer and copies the images to the computer.Addition of [Extract JPEG] function , Extracts the JPEG data from a selected PENTAX RAW file and saves it as a separate file.Addition of conversion function to DNG format, Converts a selected PENTAX RAW file into a DNG RAW file.Trimming function of Image in the Main image displayPENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 3 :[Noise reduction] function, Removes and reduces random noise and spurious color signals peculiar to digital Cameras (color moire).Addition of [Lens aberration correction] function, [Marginal lumination compensation] - Adjusts marginal lumination of the image. [Distortion Correction] - Corrects distortions (lens aberration that photographs straight lines as curved lines). [Lateral Chromatic Aberration Correction] - Corrects lateral chromatic aberration in which there is a difference in the image magnification and image size due to different color wavelengths at the image margins.Fine adjustment function for Rotate/ShiftDisplay Bright Portions / Dark Portions functionTrimming function of ImageAddition of print function (Print function from Laboratory)
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