Sony WALKMAN SonicStage 3.4 (Includes Driver) Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP download

Supported OS:
Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows XP Media Center Edition
Driver manufacturers:
Driver type:
3.4 April 29, 2021
Sony WALKMAN SonicStage 3.4 (Includes Driver) Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP.SonicStage Version 3.4 is available for the following Sony products:Hi-MD WALKMANNet MD WALKMANNetwork WALKMANATRAC CD WALKMANATRAC CD Personal Audio SystemMicro SystemFeatures:Supported formats when ripping an Audio CD: ATRAC format (ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3): 352kbps/ 320kbps/ 256kbps/ 192kbps/ 160kbps/ 132kbps (ATRAC3)/ 128kbps/ 96kbps/ 64kbps/ 48kbps, ATRAC Advanced Lossless format, WMA format, MP3 format.A copyright protection can be added to ripped tracks.Dynamic Playlist: Select by artist or genre. Create playlist by date imported, rating, playback count, number of transfers, track number, playback time, file size.ATRAC Audio device can be synchronized with My Library playlist.Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick PRO Duo (only with Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick PRO Duo compatible ATRAC Audio device) are supported.There is no limit to the number of times tracks without any DRM (Digital Rights Management) content can be transferred.There is no limit to the number of times tracks recorded on an Hi-MD and Network WALKMAN product can be transferred.Tracks can be converted at a specific bitrate and then be transferred to the ATRAC Audio device.ATRAC CD??â„¢s, Audio CD??â„¢s, and MP3 CD??â„¢s (with MP3 tracks from My Library only) can be created.CDDB (Gracenote) is supported.CD cover of an Audio CD can be displayed.SonicStage 3.4 new features:Tracks can be transferred in ATRAC 192kbps to a Hi-MD device.Tracks recorded with a Hi-MD device with the digital/analogue inputs or microphone input can be uploaded to SonicStage and saved in WAV (PCM) format.Audio CD??â„¢s can be ripped in ATRAC 352kbps.CD information can be displayed from the tracks in My Library.WAV files can be converted into ATRAC Advanced Lossless format.ATRAC format files (including ATRAC Advanced Lossless) can be converted into WAV format.Song lyrics can be displayed when clicking the ???Lyrics??? button (only if the lyrics are encoded with the track).Notes:An MP3 CD can only be created from MP3 files in My Library. SonicStage cannot convert OpenMG Audio files (e.g ATRAC3) to MP3 files and then create an MP3 CD.SonicStage will be displayed in the same language as the operating system on your computer.Languages supported are: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.Music imported from the CONNECT music store includes DRM content transfer is controlled by the distributor.Track information such as music title, artist name, genre, album title on copy protected discs released by Sony BMG Music Entertainment cannot be edited.
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