Sony NW-A3000 Network & MP3 Walkman Firmware 2.01 download

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2.01 April 29, 2021
Sony NW-A3000 Network & MP3 Walkman Firmware 2.01.Additional feature: Enable WMA format support.Affected units: Network WALKMAN NW-A3000 with firmware version 1.01 or previousBefore updating the firmware, return all music files and data files of the unit to the computer. After firmware is updated, it may not be possible to use the music files and data files on the unit. Sony is not responsible for music files and data files that cannot be saved on your computer due to the updating.Connect the unit to the PC.Click Start button on the task bar and click Run - The Run dialog box will be open.Browse to C:FWUPNW-A3000_V2_01.exe in the Open text box and click OK. The program will be started.If ???Charge the device before performing the software update.??? is indicated, this means that the battery needs to be recharged. Then, update the firmware again.Accept the License Agreement and click Next.Connect the NW-A3000 to your computer and click OK.Close all the programs and click OK.Click OK to start the update process.Safely remove the USB device from the computer and Click OKAfter a few seconds the firmware will update automatically on the device. Once finished, it will restart. Click OK
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