Vivitar Vivicam 3715B Mass Storage Device Driver Windows 98 download

Supported OS:
Windows 98
Driver manufacturers:
Driver type:
N/A April 29, 2021
Vivitar Vivicam 3715B USB Mass Storage Device Driver Windows 98. Windows Me/2000/XP users: No driver is required.First......check the serial number on the bottom label of your V3715 camera. If the serial number begins with a "B" - you have the B model. (Example: B33D0853B) If you have a "B" model proceed as follows.....Second......check the version of the firmware of your V3715B camera. To check your cameras firmware version - press and hold the shutter button and then press the power button. You must have version 1.06, or higher (i.e. 1.17).If you have camera firmware version 1.06, download the revised V3715B USB Mass Storage Device driver patch for Windows 98. If you have firmware 1.17 this patch is not required.
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